Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rhino Rezzed

The Photo-op Rhino is rezzed in the parcel - this is the pose you get and when sat upon, there is a Rhino Roar sound made...

AND our parcel is right next to gay artist Spanki's parcel, seen in the background.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Mesh Rhino (work in progress)

I started making a Mesh Rhino to add poses to and have at our sl10b exhibit - like  Photo opportunity spot.... this is a work in progress so don't judge me yet :)

IN other note, the main exhibit sphere has a nice pink tint now - thanks Teno !


Sunday, May 26, 2013

We have our parcel assignment now...

Teno and I went out to where the parcel we will build is - and just to get an idea of size we will need, Teno rezzed a globe he used for a recent project.  We are beginning to get inspired now for what will become the presentation we will make to the SL community as a whole.  Here's a pic.


We Got Accepted! Meeting Announcement

We got our acceptance email from SL10B and are setting up an organization meeting today - 12pm SLT at the new Rhino Gallery.  Find the SLURL HERE:

Bring builders and designers asap!  I'll share specifics then.


Friday, May 17, 2013

New Gallery & Reading Room

Today I created a new Rhino Writers' Gallery & Reading Room for visitors to come and get acquainted with each of your member blogs.  It can be found at and is ready to add more boards for members that don't yet have that together to put on display.  This is located on my Virtual  Gay World sim next to Gay Fun World and is in the lower level of Eddi Haskell's Gallery here.

We also have applied for a booth/area to rez a cozy Reading Area in this year's SL10B event.  Cross your fingers that we get a chance to share with the whole SL Community about your efforts to share your stories and observations about life in SL.  The theme is Looking Forward, Looking Back so be thinking along those lines and send me your build suggestions on a reading area that can work for that theme.

Avacar Bluestar