Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last Week for SL10b Rhino Writers!

Now thru June 29 ---- The last leg of the SL10b parcel begins today.

Many visitors have passed thru now - so glad we could make introductions to your favorite new blog readers.  Make sure you have something to say when people visit your websites!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rhino Writer's Second Pride Coverage for Wednesday, June 19

Photography From Second Pride by Bock McMillan

Here is the latest Second Pride Coverage by the Rhino Writers

Jeff Ellsworth: 
(note: Jeff's latest coverage is in this main post)


Bock McMillan:

Ziggy Starsmith:

Eddi Haskell:


If I have missed any of the Rhino Writers please contact me via email:

The Second Pride Schedule can be found at: 

Facebook Page:

More Photography From DJ Heloq's Set at the Rhino Writer's SL Live Radio Broadcast Event Today

All together an amazing event, and great publicity for the Rhino Writers, the LGBT group of Bloggers of Second Life. Much thanks to Esme Capelo, Thorn Andel,  DJ Johny Alderton, and DJ Heloq Tomsen for doing such an amazing job with the SL Live Radio broadcast from SL10B today.

For more photography from the event:

by Avacar Bluestar (in this blog)

by Bock McMillan

Pics from our SL10b Live Broadcast by Avacar

Here are a couple pics I took so far of today's event - more later as more keep arriving...

And From Hour 2...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Latest Rhino Writers Second Pride Coverage

Photography by Jeff Ellsworth

Here is the latest Second Pride Coverage by Rhino Writers as of Tuesday morning:


Ziggy Starsmith (great photography of builds at the event)

Jeff  Ellsworth

If I have missed any of the Rhino Writers please contact me via email:

The Second Pride Schedule can be found at:

Facebook Page:

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rhino Writers Second Pride Coverage

I compiled Rhino Writers Second Pride coverage as of this morning.  There is probably more coverage out there and I will be updating this.

Ziggy Starsmith

Bock McMillian

Jeff Ellsworth

Benja Aquilla (including SLURLS to all the Pride sites):

The Second Pride Schedule can be found at:

Facebook Page:

The Rhino Writers Pavillion Is Now Open at SL10B

Photographs courtesy of Benja Aquila

The Rhino Writers Pavilion is now open at SL10B. And it looks great!

You can visit the pavilion here.  Just walk up the stairs to the sphere to see the logos and sitting area:

Remember on Wednesday the 19th at 11:00 a.m. SLT SL Live Radio will be broadcasting a two hour event from our pavillion. Please plan on joining us.

Attention Rhino Writers: Please run this post, or a similar one, in your blogs if you can.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Important Message from Eddi Haskell About Account Hacking

I published this in my own blog today and am posting it here since it is such an important issue

A good friend of mine in Second Life, a top Second Life blogger was hacked today. Someone managed to get into her account (it looks like a professional blackmailing service that sells your information back for a fee), take it over, and cause all sorts of difficulties.

 Make sure you take the following action to avoid this happening to you:

 1. Use a combination of letters and random numbers on your password. Do not, for example, have a variation of two second life account names as your password with no numbers.

 2. Change your password every year at least, every six months is better.

 3. Run spyware checkers on your computer. Things like keystroke programs that can deliver your password to a third party have been reported in the past.

 Of course, take basic precautions. And remember, there is no such thing as a secret in Second Life if more than one person knows.

Take care!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Live Broadcast scheduled!

Esme & Thorn's newest inworld project SL Live Radio will be broadcasting LIVE from 11-1pm SLT on Wednesday, June 19 at our parcel in SL10b --- if you're inworld, please come take part in the celebration!  Yes Avacar will be there.  From 11-12 is DJ Thorn and from 12-1 is DJ Heloq.

Here is where to learn more...

When not in live broadcast, the parcel does feature the radio in streaming fashion.


SL10B Community Celebration Press Day Announcement | Daniel Voyager's Blog

Attention all Rhino Writers. Read about how you can get a press day pass in advance for SL 10, and pre-advance tours on Friday and Saturday. You need to register soon for this.

SL10B Community Celebration Press Day Announcement | Daniel Voyager's Blog:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Photo op with custom backdrop

Been tweaking more on the parcel and set up the photo op with custom backdrop texture this morning....


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rezzing clicker panels

Here's where Teno was busy positioning clicker boards today -

Setting up booth coming along on schedule...

I've rezzed clicker boards now after creating new ones for the members who were missing -- and have notified the rest now that still need to send me their blog textures.  I can't include what we don't yet have.  Simple fact as that!  Have a good Sunday to everyone that is just watching this all happen.

The pic below is what our finished booth looked like in Second Pride last year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wanted - SL10b Publicity Correspondent

Job Description:

  1. Post event schedule on special SL10b event section of Second Life Destination calendar
  2. Create & Distribute to members a notice to post on their associated blogs about the Rhino Writer's participation in SL10b inviting readers to come see the exhibit.
  3. Invite Past members that have left the group to rejoin if they still quality for being a member (3+ posts in the past 6 months)   I just went thru this list and managed it. 'edit'
  4. Survey existing members to get URLS of historically significant blog pots that we can highlight in our exhibit...

Needed yesterday. Apply within. Simple application process - just volunteer and you're hired. I'll then send everything I know for you to begin.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Meeting was held yesterday with a few in attendance.  Ziggy accepted position as master landscaper and probably master something else... Today I got his tag invitation managed and LM to sim.  Look for further development along those lines very soon.