Sunday, August 25, 2013

Congratulating Fellow Rhino Writer Bock McMillan on his Fourth Anniversary of Blogging About Second Life

Bock in Second Life celebrates it's fourth blogoversary today. The Rhino Writers staff wants to congratulate Bock for four years well done in writing and publishing a very fun blog to read about Second Life and its vibrant LGBT scene. We hope Bock keeps it up and look forward many more years of his blogging.

You can read Bock's article here about celebrating four years:

Bock in SecondLife: Celebrating Four Years of Blogging:

Good News! NakedCarl's Blog is Up and Running Again

Photography by NakedCarl

Good News!  The Staff of Rhinowriters is breathing a sigh of relief today. NakedCarl's blog is back after being down temporarily due to some glitch over at Google Blogger.

You can catch NakedCarl's newest post, coverage of the Echo Lake Party on Saturday Night with DJ Sarco here:

Welcome back NakedCarl!

Echo Lake Party on Saturday Night with DJ Sarco by Naked Carl

Saturday, August 24, 2013

NakedCarl's blog snafu

Our brother NakedCarl's Blog has been shut down by Blogspot for now - Eddi is consulting with Carl about what they can do to possibly get it restored.  More details...


Attention Blogspot Bloggers: How To Make a Back-Up Copy of Your Blog For Safekeeping

Blogger Sign In Page

Google Blogger users (and everyone else) should make a back-up copy of their blog for safekeeping. This is in case Google decides to take down your blog for the wrong reason (they are known to do this), or if you accidentally trash your blog.

It is very easy to do.

1. Sign into your blog (above)

2. Go to your design page. You will see the following list.

3. Select "other".

4. Then select Export blog and download blog.

5. You will end up with an XML file that looks something like this. Hold on to it. 

I do this every three months or so. It is a good safety precaution. Better safe than sorry!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Notice to All Blogger Users: Are Your Settings Allowing Social Media Sharing? It is Easy to Do - Read On

Do you author a Google Blogger blog?

If you are not allowing for social media sharing, you should be. This will allow your readers to quickly post your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media-- and allow them to easily reblog your content. This will increase your viewership.

It is very easy to do.

First, open your layout feature in "my blogs"

Then, open  "edit" in blog posts.

Once you open edit, you will see this menu for configure blog posts. Make sure "show share buttons" are checked.   You can also check "allow email of posts" if you wish.

Hit "save" on the bottom and close. You can also rearrange where the buttons go, but I just use the default location.

And that's it- you are now done!