Sunday, November 24, 2013

State of the Union Address to Group

For most of us, this part of the year is when we slow down on blogging to attend to personal details and participate in holiday functions.

I have news for readers that might be on downside.  We de-rezzed the gallery in Virtual Gay World.  There was absolutely zero traffic thru the reader spot except when a meeting or other gallery function was planned.  Then after no further activity and someone offered to rent the land the gallery was occupying, we took it all down in a matter of moments.

Not long after was when I started a new blog that Eddi wrote about here.  Now approaching its two month mark, its reader hit count has surpassed the whole history count for Rhino Writers' blog (the one you are reading now.)  In the in-world group, I posted that I would be interested in allowing more people to post on the new blog.  So far, nobody has taken the challenge.

I haven't found a new space for Rhino to call home in-world. Mostly because I don't feel the collective membership feels it necessary.  The same goes for community activities and chances to grow exposure anywhere for our members' blogs.  With exception to one weekly poet, I never see any of our readers post links to any of their favorite blog posts in the notices (YES every group member still has posting rights in the in-world Rhino group - AND invitation rights.)

Just like a certain mainland rail-road that just de-rezzed and gave up all of its 12-sim parcels back to LL, with lack of ideas, new or old, or further enthusiasm, I'm finding it hard to say this is still a group worthy of maintaining.  Let me know your thoughts.

Yours truly,

Avacar Bluestar